They've got more years together than most, and they are just getting started!

Sometimes things just fall in place and are meant to be. Bryce and Cece had a mutual friend and like so many other people who have connected on social media platforms, they had been "talking" for a couple months. They then met in person at a pre-season football game in Oconomowoc. A friend request is where it all started! They will be celebrating their 10 year dating anniversary in September. Next year they are tying the knot!

They love going to Brewers games,,,,

So of course some engagement pictures at American Family Field were in order. They sported their customized jerseys, with their last name and the date of their wedding!! How sweet is that? Shortly after they started to date, Cece moved out of state for 3 years. That time apart strengthened their relationship and you can tell they fit together like a "hand in glove". They were so sweet during the engagement session and I could just see the love and caring they had for each other. Bryce would light up when Cece smiled and laughed with him.

The Proposal

Bryce proposed on Christmas Eve, 2020. This has been a special day for them as they made sure they spent this time together when Cece would come back to Wisconsin for the Holidays. As holidays can be very busy trying to see so many family members, they set Christmas Eve aside for just the two of them. Now more memories will be made as they spend next year together as husband and wife! Best wishes you two!