April 28, 2021

What comes after the wedding?

Memories fade, photos last forever......

So much time, effort, money, emotion, and planning went into your wedding day. For many brides over a year of preparation! Even if you did not have that amount of time, you still put so much energy into making your day memorable and a lasting impression in your mind.

Your dress still so beautiful, gets cleaned and stored. Do you save it? Gift it? The flowers fade and go away. You still are on cloud nine, and celebrating. A honeymoon and travel maybe? Then you get back to life and settle into marriage. You look at your ring, a smile crosses your face. Your family tells you what a great time they had, they can't wait to see the pictures!!

This is why you need a photographer that delivers what you experienced on your wedding day. You are caught up in the moment, you are excited, nervous, and getting all sorts of love from your bridesmaids and of course that first look from your groom. Oh my gosh! Who doesn't cry in that moment?

Make sure you work with your photographer to deliver the photos that mean the most to you, the ones you want to print and put on your wall. You won't print them all but you will cherish them all and look at them often. You will get this by planning and spending time with your photographer who will be capturing all your special, and meaningful moments. And capturing everyone whose important to you on your wedding day.

Take all the suggestions your photographer has for great shots and locations, they've got this, and you've got prints that last long after the wedding day! I still have my photos framed and in my room and look at them everyday..........