Happiness overflowing.

Stephanie first reached out to me in March of this year. We scheduled a phone call and I could tell immediately that I would love to be their photographer! Some people just "click" and the conversation is so easy. So I was excited when she confirmed they would like to book me and their date was locked in.

We all met at the Gingerbread house in June to get better acquainted and I could just tell these two were fun! We learned a lot about each other and talked for over an hour.

I love having that time to really get to know my clients and share experiences. We had the date planned already for their session and I just needed to come up with a location, based on the questionnaire I sent them. As it turns out one of the choices happened to be a favorite place for them to go on dates, so Lake Vista Park it was. And when they go there they like to "climb on the rocks"!

I mentioned bringing a hat or a prop to the session and Stephanie was quick to pick up this cute hat that really worked for her!

I barely had to give any prompts, just a few placement suggestions and the rest was all Caleb and Stephanie. They were laughing, I was laughing and the time flew by! One of the things Stephanie wanted to capture was just how connected the two of them are, and she shared a little story with me. I was hoping the session would be all they hope for and the comments I received back from them and Stephanie's mother were so positive; I was convinced the photos that I delivered were exactly what they wanted.

I can't wait to meet the rest of their families and friends and pick up just where we left off at the end of this session. Here's to you two!!


2023 Wedding

Stephanie and Caleb will be getting married in January and we are all hoping for snow!!! They set the date purposefully and they have big plans for the future. If we have half as much fun on their wedding day as we did during this session it will be fantastic!!